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TubeFeeder® Reclaimer for large bunkers & silos

This system is designed for the continous discharge of bulk materials from rectangular bunkers, large-diameter silos, and open air stockpiles.

The TubeFeeder® gently handles woodchips and other materials commonly found in the wood products and paper industry, as well as other types on non-free flowing bulk materials.

Low Maintenance and Operating Costs

The TubeFeeder® is designed to keep maintenance and operational costs to a minimum by incorporation of a number of special design features:

  • The conveyor screw inside the tube is shielded from pressures exerted by the surrounding materials, thus making it easy to drive and consuming less power.
  • The tube acts as a pressure shield to reduce wear on the screw and minimise material degradation.


  • Can be installed in large bunkers and silos.
  • Pulls the material uniformly across the width of the pile with no bridging.
  • Minimal solids segregation, which generally occurs due to size variation in silos with a centralized feeding point.
  •  Higher discharge rates.
  •  Lower power consumption.
  •  Reduced wear on conveyor screw.
  •  Minimal material degradation.
  •  Easily maintained.

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