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For the direct way

The SAXLUND International chain conveyor is a continous operating machine within a bolted rectangular cross-section casing.

It may be arranged horizontally or inclined with bends to suit customer requirements. Our chain conveyors are renowned for their long service life, quiet operation and gentle handling of the bulk solid material.

The bulk material is fed in at the inlet/bottom end where the chain tensioning station is also fitted. The conveying chain runs on a special wear resistant floor and conveys the material through the upper or lower section to the discharge opening where it is discharged to a silo inlet or to a following conveyor. The drive station is also installed at this end. The construction type of the conveyor chain is chosen and adapted according to the specific bulk material to be transported. All chain links are manufactured from high grade drop forged steel with welded flights to suit the application.

The conveying chain is driven by a chain wheel on a shaft with bearings which in turn is driven by a gear motor with roller chain drive. After material has been discharged, the empty chain returns over the guide rails back to the inlet/tensioning station. The continuous chain passes around the tail drum and back into the conveying mode. The tail drum is located in a spring loaded sliding arrangement with roller bearings. The springs are fitted on both sides and can be pre-tensioned by means of theaded rods. A rotation sensor is also fitted at the tail end.

Conveyor chains

can be supplied in all specified materials:

  • case hardened or heat-treated-steel
  • stainless and acid-resisting steel
  • heat and high-heat resisting steel

for all possible kinds of bulk materials to be conveyed.

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