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Saxlund Bucket Elevators

Saxlund bucket elevators are used in many industries for transporting a variety of bulk solid materials up a vertical distance. Our bucket elevators use the minimum power to perform this operation.

We supply two types that use either chains and chain wheels with steel buckets and chain attachments or with wire reinforced rubber belting running over special drums. In this case the steel buckets are bolted to the belt.

The elevator casing is of welded steel modular bolted construction with anti run back drive arrangement at the upper discharge end. Tensioning is achieved either by weights at the lower end or by screwed rods depending upon the application.

Saxlund bucket elevator machines are often used for difficult to handle bulk solids and in conjunction with our silo and bunker storage technology.


  • 6 standard sizes from 15 to 400 m³/h conveying capacity
  • Transports material vertically
  • Modular design
  • Types with chain or belt with steel buckets attached
  • Service platform at discharge head
  • Convey – ash, wood chips, biomass, alternative solid fuels etc.
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